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Monday, September 17, 2007
Smell loss - Tests with an without soy

Smell loss - Tests with an without soy

Tests performed between July 2003 and July 2007

      As soon as I had identified the toxic responsible of my loss of smell I knew I shall run tests to ascertain this causality. But these tests were personal exercises and not the full scientific style. I regret that but here they are and I think they have nevertheless a real value.
      The method was rather simple but certainly not simplistic. I just reversed the diet that had made my sense of smell return.
      I returned to the diet with soy containing food or soy based food of all kind. Food made of or including soy in the form of flour, textured protein, lecithin, oil, as in chocolate, pharmacy products, pastry, yoghurt, ice cream, confectionery, snacks, "hamburger", "soy milk" "tofu", but relatively few fermented forms of soy (traditionally fermented! for industrially fermented is most of the time a joke) (...but this is another matter).
      It was a diet barely abnormal and certainly not with the immoderation of the guy (Morgan Spurlock) for the film "Super Size Me" (((there))) and his frenzied experimental McDonald's products bulimia.
      But yes! the conditions of my tests would have benefited much to be preceded and followed by full medical tests, as did Spurlock, and examination of several items in my metabolism. I should have been very curious to be able to follow my zinc rate tribulations
      The simplicity of these tests renders them very easily repeatable by anyone. And anyway the first test *at least* is completely harmless which consisted in ceasing to ingest any trace of soy (nobody should be ill avoiding soy). Easily repeatable but for the extreme difficulty to perform such a deed. To be undertaken the avoiding of soy requires a smartness few people has in these times and food-labels reading requires special goggling prosthesis and dictionaries and codes ((Lecithin and Soy synonymes)). You have to have a very keen eyesight and often a good magnifying glass if you intend to indulge in label reading. Côte d'Or chocolate (Kraft food) for example labels in more than tiny golden characters with a red background. You know, this golden stuff that flickers between a dull yellow to ochre, some times lighter than the background sometimes darker or equal : undecipherable! soya lecithin lost somewhere in this visual magma. Côte d'Or chocolate exclusively "soy" lecithin made, believe my reading glass. As Lindt by the way vaunting is evident choice of soy for its lecithin arguing of the fact soy among others is the cheaper lecithin (((There))) on the market compared with granola or any other. (They forget to tell you that lecithin is NOT necessary to the good confection of chocolate). There is a link for one chocolate without lecithin (((Cluizel there it is))). I shall write a page with a long list of soy less chocolate guaranteed and a better one : lecithin-less guaranteed. (...welcome are good addresses!)
      TESTS :
- 2003 July, first test :

      Soy is banished in all its guises after two full years of complete anosmia (total loss of smell). Indubitable comeback of the first smell sensations at the sixth day; before that some evanescent impressions, might be illusions. Along this anosmia I never had forgotten odors and could very well remember and compare them abstractly, intellectually without being in contact with real odorants. But where the real stuff was the odor, odour, stink, smell or flavour was not.
      Full comeback of my nose powers and no more dysosmia : less than 15 days.
      After this inaugural test, memorable test (Mind you History!), any anosmic can imagine my exhilaration, I enjoyed this spring of my new sense of smell and the next task : the search of a new diet clean of soy stuff. It was a very exciting exploration. An my research about soybean has also bin very rewarding (The "invention of my grotto" that is how we call in French him who found a unknown cave, he is its "inventor" and I am the proud one of the anosmia/soya grotto).
- 2004 January, first reverse test :

      I was then decided but not without apprehensions : I was cured yes. But what if I had wronged myself? But No! I had not!
      Confirmation at the end of the first week : bouts of various type of dysosmia, parosmia and phantosmia, the complete batch without the cacosmia but this one form I did never experiment but very lightly.
      And full awesome return of complete anosmia in less than 15 days.
- 2004 four other tests of withdrawal of soy and re intoxication with soy.

- Fall 2004 and beginning of 2005, re intoxication with soy lecithin only :

      All "edible" product with soy lecithin as chocolate, pharmaceutical lecithin, biscuits, crackers, croissants, pretzels, ice creams, desserts, gravies, mayonnaises, cookies, bars, drinks...
      But this time I did not experiment anything else than parosmia and phantosmia and hyposmia, for example, my sweat was exactly smelling like the pharmaceutical lecithin form (not outrageous but weird!)
- In the course of each of these tests I felt an overpowering fatigue falling on me from the fourth or fifth days. But I am unable to discern the reason of this dejection of my body and my mind. I was afraid of a non-return possibility, afraid of an allergic shock. Very afraid. A fatigue as is experimented in melancholia. A fatigue maybe from the soy digestion bloating (more than uncomfortable). Maybe was it the anguish to have to renounce this thrilling notion of my finding what so much people are looking for, in vain, for so much decades. 
- 2005, no more test since this last one and return of normosmia, full sense of smell without dysosmia. And no more test in 2006.

- 2007 February finally the last test till the end of June :

      After one year of rest or rather full exercise of my olfaction. I decided that there will not be more test. If I could not be convinced with that I should be a fool.

      This time dysosmia and hyposmia came back as usual, five or six days. But complete anosmia has never been any more continual. Every three/four days of complete anosmia I had some whiffs of quasi normal smell just slightly perceptible but really there and not to much distorted (?)
      So I followed the test months after months and it was physically debilitating but I was not so anxious to be definitely impaired. I was waiting to the full anosmia, every day for more than some these 3-4 days only then one day with whiffs. The difference this time in regard with the tests of the preceding years was that I had been "soy sober" along one full year since the last try, never had been sober so long before the last intoxication. The sole uneasiness was that this last test was a little less conclusive than the preceding. And doubts about my capacity to understand the whole thing.
      In a general manner in this process of voluntary smell losing and of return to normal sense of smell, at each session I noticed that the first odor I lost was my own odor, all my body odors before any other. I can also say that these bodily odors were at first distorted : difficult to describe the odor (not of the type good odor but not much offensive), a sort of chemical odor, organic/chemical odor. But I am very doubtful about all the tentatives to name odours, doubtful of the scientific value of those stringy, long-winded, confused semantics more appropriate to the poet. There are specialists glossing on the fragrances and wines (((Turin))). They pretend to scientificity but its pure poetry at the best, singsong for the least and pure jargon for the worst. I consider this lot more of the charlatan type than anything and they are the moochers of the market consumption more than its advertiser. The velvet of a blue (the colour) or a perfume or a wine is a inept scientific notion. If you want it might have a gastronomic pertinency.     
      Olivier Lichtenberger

This text in French

This text is for Dave, cape.dave for the connoisseurs

And there the only site about Anosmia and Soy
      What is funny is that nobody anosmic shall before long test all that. Sad human neurosis!
(and many a rant to come!)


Posted at 07:32 by Lichtenberger

September 30, 2007   05:32 AM PDT
Hi Olivier,

I wanted to give you an update on my 'elimination diet'. I have been eating only chicken, fish, rice and veggies like brocolli, carrots etc. nothing from the nightshade family, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant etc. For a couple of weeks.

I added caffiene back into my diet and found I can only tollerate 2 cups of coffee (or equivalent caffiene) per day, or I get the optical migraines.

I am adding chocolate next. I will try processed chocolate with all the additives, including lecithin. If I get an inflamatory reaction, I will back off and try pure chocolate in my own recipes. I'll continue to add beef, dairy, wheat, etc. later. I have to follow my priorities right?

QUALIFIER: I experienced viral onset phantosmia in February 2006. I am currently 5 months without a phantosmic smell. My Hyposmia (depression of the sense of smell) has gone back and forth. I use a nasal irrigation and also a nasal spray to control inflamation. I am experimenting with food triggers as my family has a history of food reactions.

Olivier Lichtenberger
September 30, 2007   09:08 PM PDT
Dave you are a fearless tester. Bravo!

I wish I had several feedback as yours.

But be careful. All this is not without risk. You could stumble upon some new disastrous reactions.
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